Poble Espanyol – Skip the line tickets

Poble Espanyol – Skip the line tickets

Located in one of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona, near the Fountains of Montjuïc, Poble Espanyol reveals the diversity of Spain during a pleasant and peaceful walk.

Tour Details:

  • Price: Normally the price for this visit is 14€ Adult and 7€ Child, NOW you will get a 10% off!!!
  • When: Every day at any time between:
    *Monday: 9h to 20h.
    *Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 9h to 24h.
    *Friday: 9h to 3h.
    *Saturday: 9h to 4h.
    Open 365 days a year!
    Attention! from January 8th to February 4th, from Monday to Thursday closed at 20h.
  • Meeting Point: Poble Espanyol de Montjuïc Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13.
  • Duration: 3 hours approx but you can stay as long as you want.
  • Itinerary: a pleasant walk along the village of Spain > shops, workshops, bars and restaurants > artists and craftsmen designing: glass, ceramics, jewellery, fabrics, etc.

A walk through the diversity of a territory: El Poble Espanyol is the best way to understand the different autonomous communities that make up Spain in a single site.

Located in the heart of Montjuïc and well connected to the centre of Barcelona, Poble Espanyol is a unique area that recreates the soul of Spain. Walking through the streets and squares of the country’s best popular architecture, you will experience the great diversity of our culture from within. From the emotion of popular festivals to live crafts and contemporary art; a renovated experience of culture and leisure for all ages.

Poble Espanyol integrates a complete audiovisual project, through which you delve into Spanish culture. Discover the cuisine, traditions and landscapes in the Feeling Spain areas and experience authentic celebrations with Fiesta, a 150-m2 facility with spectacular sights and sounds.

Built for the 1929 International Exhibition, Poble Espanyol was created from the desire to concentrate the soul of Spain in a single space. Today most of its constructions remain intact and are scale reproductions of buildings, squares and streets of different regions of Spain. Strolling through Poble Espanyol you’ll discover not only buildings, but also artisans you can watch live as they work, as well as viewing pieces of contemporary art by universal figures like Dalí, Picasso, Miró o Guinovart. And don’t miss the new Feeling Spain audiovisual installations, which will take you on a virtual trip through the geography and the most authentic traditions of Spanish culture.

With a varied programme of events for the family and adult public, and shops, workshops, bars and restaurants open every day, Poble Espanyol is packed with life 365 days a year. Family activities, shows, music, cuisine… Poble Espanyol has everything you need to enjoy, on your own or in company, a day in the open air in unbeatable surroundings, without leaving Barcelona.

Don’t miss the artists and craftsmen! You can watch them at work, synthesizing traditional crafts with modern design: glass, ceramics, jewellery, fabrics, etc.

Poble Espanyol was built as a synthesis of Spanish architecture, handicrafts and cultural wealth during the Exhibition. Almost a century later, Poble Espanyol is a living reflection of the soul of a country and a traffic-free, open-air precinct ideal for enjoying with family, partner or friends.