Visites regulars i virtuals

Surt al carrer o queda’t a casa, però descobreix els secrets més ben guardats amb els millors guies!

Un Barri Gòtic desconegut amb en Bernat
Dissabte 10 d’octubre 2020 a 11:30
1,5 hores
Passejada per Montjuic acompanyats per Sonia
Dissabte 17 d’octubre 2020 a 11:30
1,5 hores
El Poblenou Smart District & Ciutat innovadora amb Núria
Dissabte 24 d’octubre 2020 a 11:30
1,5 hores
Dins i fora del Call de la mà de Mariona
Dissabte 31 d’octubre 2020 a 11:30
1,5 hores
Del Liceu al Palau: La milla musical
10 AM
2,5 hores aprox.
Visites guiades virtuals a Barcelona
50 minuts + temps per a preguntes
Català, castellà i anglès
Tour Gaudí
Diari a les 09h a partir de Març 2021
3,5 hores aprox.
Sortida a Montserrat
Diari 15 h, menys diumenge a partir de Març 2021
4 h.
El millor de Barcelona en una visita
Diari a les 10h o 12.30h a partir del mes de Març 2021
5 hores aprox.
Gaudí – Visita a la Sagrada Família
Diari a les 10h i 15h a partir de Març 2021
2,5 hores aprox.
Montjuïc i visita panoràmica
Diari a les 12.30h a partir del mes de Març 2021
2,5 hores aprox.
Museu Picasso i Barri Gòtic ‘Tour a peu’
Dt, Dc, Dj i Ds a les 09h a partir del mes d’Abril 2021
2,45 hores aprox.
Nit màgica a Montserrat
De dilluns a divendres a les 15h. a partir d’Abril 2021
1,5 dies
Visita al Museu Dalí i Girona
Dm, Dj i Ds a les 07.30h a partir d’Abril 2021
10 hores
Visita a Montserrat i les Caves Codorníu
dill, dimec i div a les 8:30 h. a partir d’Abril 2021
6,5 hores aprox.
Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
Dm, Dj i Ds a les 07.30h
6 hores
COMBO Gaudí i botigues a La Roca Village shopping tour
Diari a les 10h, menys diumenge a partir de Març 2021
2,5 hores + temps de compres
COMBO Montserrat i Codorníu + Sagrada Família
dill, dimec i divend a les 08.30h a partir d’Abril 2021
6,5 + 2,5 hores
Easy Gòtic: ruta guiada accessible
els divendres a les 12h a partir del mes de Març 2021
1 hora
Català o castellà
Visita nocturna a la Font Màgica
Dj i Ds a les 20h a partir de Maig 2021
2,5 hores aprox.
Sortint des de Girona: Visita al Museu Dalí
Dt, Dj i Ds a les 08.30h a partir d’Abril 2021
4.5 hores
Sortint des de Girona: visita ciutat + Museu Dalí
Dt, Dj i Ds a les 08.30h a partir d’Abril 2021
8,5 hores

Barcelona Every Day

Here’s a thought: What happens if your trip to Barcelona is a last-minute escape? And you haven’t had time to make plans?

Or perhaps you’re here for a few days and you find yourself with a free afternoon and a special attraction you’re dying to see?

Barcelona Guide Bureau has you covered with our Barcelona Daily Tours.

Daily tours with your interests in mind

We created a collection of exclusive Daily tours to show you the very best of Barcelona—the must-see sights and attractions the guidebooks rave about. Better yet? You can book them weeks and months in advance or even day-of if they’re not sold out. (Sometimes it happens, but the good news is, we’ll help you find a great alternative if your first choice isn’t available.)

You’re the VIP on our daily tours. You’ll never wait in line for the Sagrada Família and Casa Batlló or other top attractions—you get exclusive VIP admission. Every minute of your Barcelona trip is important, so we make sure every minute counts.

Get to know Barcelona

First-time visitors love our Barcelona Highlights tour. Get your bearings, see our most famous sights (the Sagrada Família, the waterfront and old port, Montjuïc, and Poble Espanyol) and travel in air-conditioned comfort in our luxury motor coach. It’s the perfect introduction to Barcelona.

Everyone loves the Barri Gòtic—and we have an inclusive tour that suits everyone. Our no-barriers tour shows you Barcelona’s incredible history played out in real-time in the Gothic Quarter. If you’re mobility challenged or need an occasional break in our lightweight travel chairs, this is an ideal way to get to know Barcelona.

Art lovers—why not mix a Spanish master with your Gothic Quarter tour? Visit the Picasso Museum and learn about Barcelona’s influence on one of the most famous artists of all time. Then immerse yourself in an incredible virtual-reality 3D experience showing you Barcelona as it was in the Roman era. History buffs rejoice—there’s truly nothing like it.

Ahhh…El Born. We love this quirky, exotic neighborhood and the brilliant revival of our local artisans and independent shops—and we think you will, too. Our El Born walking tour is a terrific introduction to one of our favorite Barcelona neighborhoods.

Don’t forget Montjuïc! Gorgeous parks, exciting galleries, interesting museums, and the Olympic Ring—all wrapped up in incredible city views. Bring your camera, you’re going to want lots of pictures.

Gaudí every day

If you’re here for Gaudí (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), we have Barcelona’s most comprehensive selection of tours highlighting our Catalan Moderniste master. Dive deep into everything Park Güell or spend the afternoon exploring the hidden secrets of Sagrada Família.

For even more Gaudí, try our combination tour—our guides breathe fresh life into the history of Park Güell and Casa Milà in an unforgettable way.

How about Gaudí and shopping? Yes, please! Get the VIP treatment at Sagrada Família before you’re whisked away to La Roca Village, our luxury outlet mall with all your favorite brands.

Day-tripping Barcelona

Barcelona is at the heart of so many incredible day-trip destinations. Montserrat, Girona, Figueres and the Dalí Museum, and the world-famous Codorníu cava cellars. Where to begin?

If you can take just one day trip during your stay in Barcelona…why not Montserrat? The mountains, the monastery, the shrine, the Black Madonna, not to mention the artisanal foodstuffs. There’s simply nothing like the regenerative powers of a day trip to Montserrat.

For a once-in-a-lifetime treat, visit Montserrat at night for vespers by the Escolania Boys’ Choir and take the funicular for incredible views. The city below sparkles like jewels arrayed at your feet—truly breathtaking!

Love your bubbly? Try our Montserrat and Codorníu combination tour and sip sublime cava to your heart’s content. The Codorníu wine cellars are a sight to behold—the largest in the world. Can you even imagine 100 million bottles stored in 34 kilometers of underground tunnels?

If you want more Surrealist art, we have great things in store for you—our Dalí tours. Take the high-speed AVE train to Figueres and pay homage to another of Spain’s most famous Surrealists. As always, as a Barcelona Guide Bureau VIP, you skip the lines and get a special preview of the famous Mae West room.

Make it a true day trip with our Dalí and Girona combination tours. Girona is gorgeous medieval town on the banks of the Onyar River with one of the world’s most perfectly preserved Jewish Quarter dating back to 1,000 AD. Explore the medieval walls, stroll the Eiffel Bridge, and wander the narrow, winding streets.

Love “Game of Thrones?” Then you’ll love Girona—it served as the filming location for Braavos in Season 6. Bring your camera and get your pictures in front of the Girona Cathedral featured in so many GoT scenes.

Barcelona your way…every day

No matter when you visit Barcelona, we have exciting VIP tours every day of the week to the places you most want to see. No time to plan? No problem! Our daily tours offer same-day booking—and if you’re traveling with a group, we’re happy to arrange custom daily tours.

Know when you’ll be here? Get in touch and let’s plan your itinerary.

Coming to Barcelona on a last-minute escape? You can always use our convenient self-booking system for tours that excite you.

And if you have questions or want knowledgeable advice from our Barcelona travel pros, give us a call. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you do Barcelona your way…every day.