Dm, Dj i Ds a les 07.30h
6 hores
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat
  • Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat

Museu Dalí sortida amb tren d’alta velocitat



Seu i relaxa’t en el tren d’alta velocitat AVE que et portarà al Museu Dalí. Descobreix la veritat que s’amaga darrera de la famosa cita de Dalí “La diferència entre un boig i jo és que jo no estic boig”. El Museu Dalí et revela els secrets del conscient i l’inconscient que van més enllà de l’obvietat.

Detalls del tour

  • Quan: dimarts, dijous i dissabte a les 07:30. Des del 2 de maig al 30 d’octubre.
  • Durada: 6 hores aprox.
  • Idioma: Aquest tour es fa només en anglès.
  • El preu inclou: guia autoritzat, taxis, bitllets de tren ràpid i accés al Museu Dalí (preu 14€)
  • Transport: tren AVE, taxis i tots els transfers
  • Itinerari: Recollida a l’hotel a Barcelona> Sants> 140 km en tren d’alta velocitat AVE> Figueres-Vilafant estació de tren> Museu Dalí amb Visita guiada> Volta a l’estació de Sants en tren d’alta velocitat AVE.

Per què hauries de fer aquest tour?

Seu i relaxa’t en el tren d’alta velocitat AVE que et portarà al Museu Dalí, on entraràs sense fer cap cua.


  • Recollida a l’allotjament
  • Tren d’alta velocitat AVE i transport pels desplaçaments
  • Bitllets i entrada sense cua per al Museu Dalí
  • Temps lliure en el Museu Dalí

No inclou

  • Lunch is not included.
  • Return to the hotel, the tour will end at Barcelona Sants train station.

A tenir en compte

  • Tingues en compte que has de viatjar amb el teu passaport. Pot ser requerit per al viatge en el tren.
  • Aquest tour implica caminar una mica.
  • Aquest tour es fa només en anglès.
  • Aquest no és un tour accessible per a cadira de rodes.
Què veuràs?

Què veuràs?

El Museu Dalí

El Teatre–Museu Dalí de Figueres ofereix una experiència única que et permet observar, viure i gaudir de l’obra i el pensament d’una de les ments més extraordinàries del segle XX. Conté la col·lecció més extensa d’obres que descriuen la trajectòria artística de Salvador Dalí (1904–1989), des de les seves primeres experiències artístiques i les seves creacions surrealistes fins a les obres dels darrers anys de la seva vida.

Què esperar del tour

Què esperar del tour

Punt de trobada

Un taxi ecològic híbrid et recull a l’hotel o allotjament a les 7h30 del matí.

¿Per què a les 7h30 del matí?

Tindràs temps per a descansar al tren. És la millor hora per a poder gaudir del museu Dalí i tornar per a dinar.


  • Recollida al teu hotel per EcoTaxi híbrid fins a l’estació de tren de Barcelona Sants
  • Tren de Barcelona a Figueres i al Museu Dalí
  • Entrada sense cua i visita guiada al Museu Dalí
  • Tren de retorn a Barcelona i final del recorregut a l’estació de Barcelona Sants


Descobreix el Museu Dalí de la mà d’un guia amable y eficient.


Tren d’alta velocitat AVE

Aquesta és la millor manera d’arribar a Figueres de forma ràpida, còmoda i amb un recorregut respectuós amb el medi ambient

De quantes persones és el grup?

El màxim és de 40 persones.

Podré escoltar el guia sense inconvenient?

Si, utilitzem un sistema de radio-guia. Podràs escoltar el guia directament des dels teus auriculars.

Aquesta mesura evita la contaminació acústica. No parlem en veu alta, es fa de manera suau per mitjà de les radioguies, de manera que s’afavoreix el descans als veïns de la ciutat.

Informació addicional

  • Reserva segura i fàcil
  • Confirmació a l’instant
  • Totes les sortides estan garantides

No cal que imprimeixis el teu val

Punt de sortida

Punt de sortida

Un taxi ecològic híbrid et recollirà a l’hotel o davant del teu domicili a les 7h30.



Check our reviews and see what our customers say about this tour.

Publicat per BGB - 03 jul 2019

Booked prior to Barcelona visit. Transfer from hotel to Barcelona Sant Station was on time, and hotel reception had already been informed of departure time. My wife and I were picked up in good time and told exactly where to wait for our guide while we waited for the other party to arrive. The train was a high-speed TGV which was comfortable and very fast and arrived in Figueres exactly on time- 55 mins- and the previous stop is where tour guide, Jessica, met us. We were transported by minibus to the museum (10 minutes max) where Jessica took us around and explained in great detail Dali's fantastic museum and a lot about his quirky, complicated personality. Jessica was obviously very passionate about this man's life and work, and was a great bonus for people like ourselves who know a little about him and his work. Would always recommend an English- speaking guide with such depth of knowledge. We also had another hour or so to tour the museum on our own including the jewellery display rooms which were equally impressive. Everything ran like clockwork and we were back in Barcelona by 1:40PM, still had time for lunch and the rest of the day to tour other sites. Would highly recommend this visit.
Reviewed on tripadvisor on June 2019.

Publicat per BGB - 25 abr 2019

It was wonderful because of our guide Jessica C. She was incredibly knowledgeable and so well organized. She helped us see all the highlights of the Dalí Museum and manage the crowds. She made the experience a joy.
Jessica brought Girona alive for us. We would have never understood the depth of the history had it not been for her knowledge.
Thank you for making our trip to Figueres and Girona a great experience.
Reviewed on tripadvisor by Karen Clumpner.

Publicat per Nives - 02 mai 2018

“Bellissima e consigliata!” 5/5 stars
Jessica, the guide, was good at getting us talking about Dali private details. Stupendous theater museum and everything that goes around Dali. Heavy tour starts very early but it is to come back for lunch time in Barcelona. 55 min by train to go and 55 return, and about two hours and three quarters for the museum. For fans, super recommended and 5 stars for Jessica!

Reviewed on Get Your Guide by Nives, from Italy

Publicat per Sputniktraveler - 07 ago 2017

"Superb experience". 5/5 stars
If you’re considering visiting the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres on a day trip from Barcelona, I highly recommend doing it through Barcelona Guide Bureau’s “Dali Museum Trip By High-Speed Train.” Promptly at 7:30 the morning of your tour, a BGB driver picks you up at your hotel and whisks you to the train station, where you board the most comfortable train on earth, enjoy the scenery, then arrive at the Dali Museum just as it opens. Our guide, Jessica, was personable, organized, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. Speaking through BGB’s quality radio-guide system, she offered insights into Dali’s psychology and vision that deepened our understanding of his imaginative work. I’m not usually one for museum tours, preferring to explore on my own terms, but this museum gets very crowded very early, so BGB’s flawless logistics and Jessica’s concise guidance provided a perfect solution for us. We were back in Barcelona by lunch!

Visited July 2017. Reviewed on tripadvisor by Sputniktraveler from New York, USA

Publicat per Diane - 12 set 2016

“The Dali train trip was well orchestrated.” 5/5 stars
Our trip was carefully executed and no detail left to chance. The taxi was prompt and efficient, Carla a d Claudia were welcoming and carefully explained the procedure. Laura boarded the train the stop prior to our stop and led up the rest of the way. Laura was always pleasant and taught us so much more than we could have otherwise learned. I recommend this excursion to everyone.
Reviewed on Get Your Guide by Diane, from USA

Publicat per Tamara N - 23 jun 2016

"Salvador Dali Museum." 5/5 stars

We really enjoy our tour to the Dali Museum. The guide was very entertaining and gave us a very good idea of Salvador Dali's personality and life's work. She made us laugh with her tongue in cheek humor! Salvador Dali designed this very quirky and immersive museum making it quite entertaining.

Reviewed on tripadvisor by Tamara, from Texas, USA

Publicat per Michelle - 05 mai 2016

We had a wonderful time. Jessica is a fantastic guide. I know she must have to go through the same material over and over, but she managed to make everything sound fresh and exciting. She provided many lively anecdotes and gave me a new perspective on Dali.

Everything was exceptionally organised by your group and it was a great tour. You were recommended by an Australian friend who did the tour a year ago. She was certainly right and we will highly recommend your tour to everyone.


Michelle, Australia
Review sent by e-mail

Publicat per Karen & George - 26 abr 2016

Terrific tour! We live near the St Petersburg, USA, Dali Museum and are members. Today's guide, Jessica, was one of the best we've had in a lifetime of travel and visiting art.

Thank You all for smooth arrangements and very fine guiding.

Karen & George
Review sent by e-mail

Publicat per Garry G - 25 jul 2015

"One of the best!" 5/5 stars

We decided to book this tour as we would be back in Barcelona by 1.30pm and all other tours to the Dali museum took a whole day. We were picked up by taxi from our hotel at 7.30am and taken to the train station where we were met by a representative of the company who made sure we boarded the correct train. We went by high speed train to Figures where our guide Jessica met us and gave us one of the best experiences we have had with guides!

Organizing a guide for this museum is a must, as the whole place comes to life in greater depth as we shared Jessica's passion for Dali, his life, perspective on life and work – particularly useful as my husband was totally clueless about Dali and usually adverse to visiting 'arty' museums – he has now become a fan! Our guide's anecdotal stories really brought this place to life! We highly recommend this tour.

Visited July 2015
Reviewed by Garry G from Brunei on tripadvisor

Publicat per mmc0408 - 26 mai 2015

"Dalí Museum Tour" 5/5 stars

What a well-organized tour! Our taxi picked us up at the hotel at the time set and we were met at the train station by Carla. She showed us where to get coffee and some snacks, as we requested and then escorted us to the security line for our train. She explained exactly what we would experience at the station and on the train. She handed us our tickets and we were off.

The fast train only stopped once before arriving and that's where our guide, Jessica, got on and introduced herself. We met our driver who took us the short distance from the station to the museum.

The museum and the separate room of jewels were both included in our ticket purchase. They are both stunning and to listen to Jessica describe Dali, Gala and all that was going on at the time was such a treat. For instance, the story behind the diving suit perched on top of the museum is something I'd never heard before and shed light on Dali and his genius. Dali wanted this museum to house only things by himself and those he respected that he thought were worthy. I think he got it right!

Not being familiar with train travel in Spain, we really appreciated the door to door service. This is a well-run operation with the right attention to detail!

Review by mmc0408 from Atlanta, USA, on tripadvisor.