Monday to Friday at 3 pm from April 2021
1.5 days
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat
  • Magical night in Montserrat

Magical night in Montserrat



This tour is temporarily closed until April 2021. You can visit Montserrat from September with this tour. You can reschedule as many times as you wish at no cost. You can discover Barcelona before then with our Guided Virtual Tours and with our Private Tours. Hope to see you soon!

Montserrat Mountain is a place of wonder. The most peaceful moment is in the evening, when there are no crowds and the Escolania Boy’s Choir is singing. Just magical! The next day you can see the sunrise, and can be the first to take the funicular for some incredible views. You can do some hiking or a more cultural visit with the museum and a taste of local food.

Tour Details

  • When: Monday to Friday at 3 pm. Please note that this tour starts at 3:15 p.m. from July to November 2.
  • Duration: 1.5 days, until the following day at 7 pm.
  • Language: English. This tour is also available in French from July.
  • Price includes: Transport and orientation tour, hotel in half board, entrance to the Museum and audiovisual, taste of local products and Sant Joan or Santa Cova Funicular.
  • Itinerary: Barcelona > Montserrat > guided orientation tour > At your own choice: Black Madonna > Vespres Mass & Choir > dinner, night and breakfast at the hotel > audiovisual and museum > taste of local products and Funicular > meet the guide > return to Barcelona.

Why do our customers book this tour?

  • Stay in Montserrat when almost everyone leaves, so you can take in the spirituali and inspiring moments Montserrat has to offer
  • Take your time to walk and enjoy the views, listen to the choir and visit the museum
  • You will understand what is so special about Montserrat mountain and why both religious and non religious locals keep Montserrat so close to their hearts

Please note

  • Dress a bit warmer for Montserrat. It is colder than Barcelona city.
  • The Escolania children’s choir sings in the evening on school dates from Monday to Thursday, together with Montserrat monks. On Fridays you can also listen to the Vespers, Salve Regina and Motet, but only by the Montserrat monks.
What will I see?

What will I see?

Montserrat mountain is a place of wonder. You are just about an hour from Barcelona, and yet, you’re so far away! For those who want to get the meaning, history and nature of the place, you will want to stay some extra time. And I’m not talking about a long day together with the crowds. I mean that you should get there in the evening and spend the night Montserrat’s nice and friendly hotel.

This is a magical experience, especially for those who like to set their own pace, not feel rushed and have the time to discover everything that Montserrat has to offer.

You will join Montserrat tour in the afternoon. It will give some orientation and an insight of all that you can do in Montserrat. During the free time, the guide will accompany you for the check in of the hotel, give you all the information and how to meet the guide and tour on the following day.

You are then free to follow your own will. It will be around 6 pm and you will see that it is less hectic than when you arrived. This is when you want to travel back to the medieval times and feel the spirituality of Montserrat. You can walk to the monastery, where there is still a community of 70 monks that live there. Get close to the Black Madonna with no queues. And the absolute best experience of all: listen to the children’s choir, the Escolania, in the evening. The audience is small and quiet, so the children’s angelical voices will reach to you clearly.

You will stay at a nice friendly hotel in Montserrat, where you will have dinner and breakfast included. The next day, Montserrat won’t be a stranger anymore, and you can plan your day.

You will get to see the audiovisual and the museum, which has some archaeological treasures from ancient Egypt and a beautiful art collection with paintings by Greco, Picasso and Dalí. You can go to the stalls for some locally produced food like honey, jam and cheese. You will have a taste of mató (fresh cheese) in one of the restaurants.

You will take the funicular. From there the whole landscape is at your feet – you see the monastery below and that the mountain is much larger than you had imagined – it’s a great spot for hiking and climbing. To return to the monastery you can either take the funicular or a walk along the beautiful path of Sant Joan (mr Joan) that will take you about 2 hours.

At the end of the day, around 5 pm, you will join the afternoon Montserrat, for a safe and comfortable return to Barcelona.

What to expect

What to expect

Please meet us at plaça Catalunya at 2.45 pm. The assistant guide will provide with all the information you need.

From 3 to 4 pm you will join the afternoon Montserrat tour, for transport and guide to Montserrat.

Once in Montserrat the guide will accompany you to the hotel, where you will check in and meet the guide about an hour later.

The guide will return and give you an overview tour, as well as all the information about things to do and entrance tickets that you need.

You are then free to do as you will. We recommend that you visit the Monastery and the Black Madonna. Be at the basilica at 6.45 pm so you can see the Vespers, the evening singing of the Escolania, boys’ choir.

You can then return to your hotel, where you can have dinner, spend the night and have breakfast the next day.

First thing in the morning, you can take the Funicular for the extraordinary views and, if you wish to, return on a 2-3 hours hike back down to the monastery.

After that, you can have lunch in the monastery area, there are a few restaurants available (this lunch is not included in the tour).

You can end the day with a visit to the museum and audiovisual centre, where they will give you a taste of Mató fresh cheese.

At 5.30 you will meet the guide of the second day Montserrat Tour, which you will join to return to Barcelona.

Departure point

Departure point

The tour will start from plaça Catalunya, in front of Deutsche Bank and Hotel Olivia Plaza. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time. Look for the orange umbrellas!



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