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A recognition for consistency: Proud to have earned the Certificate of Excellence for 5 years in a row

Thursday, May 30, 2019 14:54

A recognition for consistency: Proud to have earned the Certificate of Excellence for 5 years in a row

We are in Tripadvisor’s Hall of Fame! It takes 5 years in a row qualifying with the Certificate of Excellence to get there. We’re so happy!

It is a recognition for consistency that is only possible with all our participation, including:

Our customers – We are honored that you choose to discover Barcelona with us. Many take some time to share their experience on tripadvisor – we’re so thankful!

Travel Assistants – your first impression. They are the first people you meet at plaça Catalunya, who will help you with your reservation, get you all set up with the radio-guide and ready to board the bus. They make the tours run so smoothly we often don’t realize how complex it is, but they’re essential, a friendly face that gives you a first taste of how your day is going to be.

Thanks to the current team: Karla, Rubén, Roser and Anna, whom you will meet in 2019. But also, thanks to Soumaya and Claudia, who were assistants in previous years. Each one is a reason why we could obtain the certificate 5 years in a row!

Tour guides – the stars of the show. They know everything about Barcelona and the Sagrada Família and then they brake it all up to create an interesting story, guarantee that you see everything in the tight schedule and have some free time for you to enjoy and, above all, they make sure that you have some fun in our wonderful city.

Anna-Lluïsa, Amaia, Berta, Irina, Jessica, Sònia, Bernat, Abel, Tanja, Somnia, Mariona, Mónica, Núria and many more! You can find out more about them here

Drivers and bus – You want ample space, clean bus and air conditioning. You also want to have big windows and a safe drive. Our drivers brilliantly get around the windy roads of Montserrat and you can just enjoy the views. They know to slow down near the Pedrera and Casa Batlló, so you have time to see favorite parts of the city.

Thanks to Jesús, Ismael, Ramón, Pere and many more from Canals Bus Company!

Marketing & sales team – Irene, Clara F, Leo, Germana and Clara C. make sure that you get to know all about us and about our city when you’re planning your trip to Barcelona. Check out our Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more tips on what to do in Barcelona.

Barcelona and Gaudí – People come from all over the world to discover our city and we’re lucky to live here and share it with you! For 28 years we have seen the city change and evolve to the current melting pot. With artists such as Gaudí, Picasso, Miró, Domènech i Montaner. A city to enjoy walking along the narrow the streets, at the beach, Montjuic mountain or with some pa amb tomàquet in a bar.

Our commitment to sustainable tourism

We love Barcelona and want to see it change and evolve for the following 28 years. It is for our interest and a responsibility to help Barcelona be a better place to live in and a better place to visit. To ensure we’re in the right path we are qualified for the Biosphere Responsible Tourism Certificate since 2015.


It hasn’t been easy to get the Certificate of Excellence for 5 years in a row. By 30 May 2019 there are 775 tours in Barcelona. We have 881 reviews which have given us an extraordinary amount of information on what our customers value most and don’t value that much about our tours.

Thank you all for making it possible to achieve the Hall of Fame! Tripadvisor’s award for obtaining the Certificate of Excellence 5 years in a row. Check the reviews of our visitors in Tripadvisor.